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First Wednesday of every month.

An exciting and informative workshop offering an introduction to the vast world of breathwork and breath meditation. 

Opportunity to explore how and why breathing exercises work and the benefits of their practice. An opportunity to ask questions and familiarise yourself with the remarkable abilities that arise by breathing consciously. 

The benefits of breathing techniques include:

- Fast track to calm and nourish the nervous system.

- Stress and tension release

- Improve sleep and digestion

- Develop basic practices to improve overall health and wellbeing.

19:15 Venue opens

19:30 Group begins with introductions and simple exercises to ground and energise

19:45 Discussion about breathwork, how techniques work and their benefit for both mind, body and spirit

20:20 Experience of techniques

20:50 Opportunity for questions and sharing

21:00 Session closes.

This group is perfect for those new or novice to breath and meditation practice. It is also a prerequisite session to join the "Explore the Remarkable Technology of your Body" class.

Please ask for details of other sessions if unable to join on Wednesday evenings.

No Charge - contributions only.

To book, call/text Sam on 07703621730 or click on the link below to send an email reservation. We will confirm your place and the location of the group